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The Scorpion’s Kiss

KAE Scorpion's Kiss

Tough guy Mike Van Gort hated Christmas and all the celebration surrounding it due to having no family and a horrible past. But at Christmas itself, the opportunity of a lifetime offers him a chance to go back in time to meet the mother he never knew… his mother who had long ago died.

THE SCORPION’S KISS Film (Fantasy/Adventure) Synopsis

Michael Van Gort had been dealt some rotten cards in his life. He was orphaned as a baby, then orphaned once again by his adoptive parents who were tragically killed in a boating accident mere weeks before his 12th birthday. With that track record, he had plenty of reasons to have a huge chip on his shoulder. His life eventually had him bouncing from foster home to foster home and it didn’t take long before he found himself inevitably in trouble with the law – a relationship he would learn to know well. By adulthood, Mike had drifted full-time into a life of crime, hiring himself out to the ‘elite’ for situations which called for his unique talent with his fists, a talent well known among other inmates in his four year stretch of prison. They gave him a name because of it… Jackhammer.

Upon release from prison Mike lived the quiet life and supported himself comfortably on earnings from his previous life of crime. And although tempting at times to drift back into that life, he kept his nose clean. But, he was lonely and angry and his internal frustrations were building slowly on a daily basis. He tried to fight it but it didn’t seem to work. He knew well what being alone was all about and as a result maintained that ever bubbling level of rage which was hovering just beneath the surface of his being. And, because of that reality, he found it nearly impossible to grow close to anyone – especially a woman. Falling in love was unfeasible for him due to all the walls he had built up around himself. Those accompanying feelings of love and of course family were alien to him and his insistence of keeping a solid distance from people only displayed his deep rooted desire for the opposite. He had carried a chip on his shoulder for far too long.

When Christmas drew near, those feelings inside Mike were increased exponentially. He couldn’t deal with Christmas because it represented everything he didn’t have nor was ever likely to have. Christmas had a way of drumming up the only compassion and yearning he felt in his heart and he couldn’t handle the pain which coincided with it. Christmas was about love and sharing. It was about family, about having a mother and father, something he didn’t know yet deeply yearned for.

But then, on a magical evening two days before Christmas, Mike found himself in a situation where he had to save the life of Donna LaSalle, a young girl who was about to be raped and murdered by a trio of mindless thugs. After successfully coming to Donna’s rescue, Mike safely escorted her home and in turn was introduced to her unique family, in particular her father, Dr. Robert LaSalle – the mastermind scientist behind a state of the art time machine that his team had been working on for many years. Through Robert’s help, Mike suddenly found himself in the position to do what he always dreamed of – to travel back in time and meet the mother he never knew… a mother who had long ago passed away.