Riley Quinn was a loveable, big kid at heart. Married to his devoted and supportive wife Lily, all Riley ever wanted was to finish off his first novel and make enough money from it to take his waitress wife away from the financially stricken life they lived in. But, although they didn’t have much and that Lily was the main breadwinner, their lives were filled with love and laughter and it was enough to sustain them through the tough times.

One dark night, during a furious lightning storm, Riley received a puzzling phone call from a reclusive billionaire named Godfrey Portman. Godfrey requested that Riley come to his massive estate in order to receive an offer of a lifetime, but was instructed under no circumstances to discuss it with anyone, not even his wife. Although reluctant, Riley’s curiosity took the better of him and he quietly slipped away and into the night to meet with the mysterious billionaire.

When Riley arrived at the Portman estate, he quickly discovered that Godfrey was on his literal deathbed. But, before Godfrey could pass on, he offered Riley an extraordinary challenge. Through answering a series of complicated riddles, a path would eventually lead him to a mystical wish shop where one wish per customer would be granted. But, if Riley was willing to take on the challenge, he was allowed to discuss it with no one – nor receive any help from anyone. It was imperative he do it alone. If he broke that vow, the journey for the wish shop would be over and he would be cursed with eternal bad luck.

At first Riley was going to turn the offer down but quickly realized that it was too important of an opportunity to pass up on. He accepted the offer and was presented with a supernatural compact that would lead him through the magical and mysterious journey. That very journey would lead him away from his quiet life and into a world of the unknown which was filled with stress, confusion and great turmoil. It would take him away from his familiar surroundings and across the globe and into the heather covered hills of Scotland. And as Riley bumbled his way through each riddle, the next would prove to be much more difficult, as would the journey itself.

As this was happening, Riley’s forced silence from his wife Lily caused her to believe that his actions were conducive of someone having an affair. Riley’s hands were tied from being able to explain himself and as his journey continued, the strain and inevitable demise of the marriage that meant so much to him was proving imminent. He was lodged between a rock and a hard place because from the moment he took on the mysterious mission, he knew that there was no turning back. In order to save his marriage, as well as his life, he knew that he had no other choice but to struggle his way through the incredible journey. He was now a Wishfinder and had no alternative but to see it through. It was now a race against time to find a way to succeed before he lost the only thing in his life that ever meant anything to him – his beloved Lily.